About Us

The WoW team!
Hello people, we here at Weed on Wheels have been dedicating our time and effort in providing the best weed delivery service available, and are constantly evolving and growing to achieve this!

If you love cannabis, we will always have it delivered to you at express speed. Order online and track your delivery with our real-time GPS tracking link assigned to each order.

We arose in 2019, and are proud to service the Oakland and surrounding East Bay areas with premium cannabis medicinal & recreational products with quality service and competitive prices.

Our mission is to provide our users with the medicine they are looking for without ever having to leave their homes, all while having the same (or lower) prices as store front dispensaries or other delivery services.

With your continued support we can keep pushing forward to bring weed delivery into a new era, one with more transparency, quicker more effective deliveries, better products and cheaper prices!